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Soges Merchant is a SOGES SpA company.

From 2010 (foundation date) we help the entrepreneur in strategic choices and we are at his side in managing the extraordinary operations.

We put our management and organizational skills together with the financial ones in order to work out paths and build projects, allowing companies to overcome the obstacles that prevail to the continuity of their development.

Soges Merchant is the SOGES Holding Group's Advisory Firm and Management Consulting Boutique.


"Where can I get there? I do not know, but I always try" Usain Bolt


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Our Team

Graduated with a thesis in monetary economics at the Milan University, he attended specialization courses in econometrics and operational research at the Enrico Mattei Superior School in Milan, and the CNR in Rome, and in corporate tax law at the Luigi Bocconi University.

From 1981 to 1985 for Snam Spa in San Donato Milanese he worked first in market research and then entered in the econometric analysis group of the economic studies office, in 1986 he started his professional activity as chartered accountant and tax firm in Verbania and Cannobio.

Auditor, in 1997 he founded and led as managing director the Practice Audit firm in Milan up to 2009.

He has been a member of the board of directors, board of statutory auditors and supervisory board pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01 of several companies, including listed companies.

He dealt with extraordinary corporate operations, due diligence, M & A and in 2010 founded Soges Merchant.

President of Soges Spa coordinates the group companies.

Luigi Marconi

I started in banking and continued in the manufacturing industry as CFO before turning to international counseling, M & A and Corporate Finance sector (UK, India), where I found my dimension in a 25-years career.

My management experiences embrace the core of business management and provide guidance and support to strategic decisions.

Expertise: M & A, Corporate Finance, Enterprise Improvement, Generation Change.

“I have a theory, that if you always give the 100%, somehow things will work in the end” Larry Bird

Pier Francesco Biglione
Relationship Manager

Executive in charge in managing distribution networks in the contractual and procurement areas, leads the legal area of a primary company operating in the services sector.

In 2007 comes into the business consulting business in executive search and litigation areas.

Born in Milan in 1962, graduated in Business Economics at the Luigi Bocconi University in Milan. Registered at the Register of Accountants of Milan and the Registry of Legal Auditors.

Graduated in Business Economics at the Luigi Bocconi University, registered at the Register of Accountants of Milan and the Registry of Legal Auditors.

He has gained long experience in a large auditing firm and has been active in consulting business to corporate groups of key importance, working in different sectors of the industry and services, also participating in projects of listing of large companies both in Italy and foreign regulated markets .

Formerly executive in multinational corporations, he is consultant on business management, financial and organizational analysis, coadjutor of law firms in civil and criminal cases.

Marco Ratti

After a short experience in the Bank of Italy, Prof. Vincenzo Farina joins the Ordinary Judiciary reaching the rank of Cassation Counselor.

Since 2002, he follows the academic career. He is in charge for the course of Private Law at the University of Salento. He is a member of the Italian Society of the Civil Law scholars.

He is currently running his law firm “Farina” and is qualified for patronage in Superiors Judiciary.

He has begun his career in the Guardia di Finanza army, which he left with the rank of lieutenant colonel in 2002. After that he has made several experiences in the role of administration and finance in primary companies, with the addition of significant consultancy positions in the compliance, anti-money laundering and company management.

Labour law expert, founder of the "Vercelli & Partners" law firm, progressively deepens his experience in the trade union area and then goes in consulting for Confindustria, particularly in Liguria.

The “Vercelli & Partners” law firm is federated with “Maresca, Morrico, Boccia and Associates” law firm in Rome.

Dino Vercelli

Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and Master's Degree in Economics at the University of Turin.

After some experiences in consulting, from 2018 in Soges Merchant he has started to work in financial and strategical consulting.

Tommaso Rossi


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